Michael  (マイケル)

Hello! My name is Michael, I am from Vancouver, Canada and I have been living in Osaka for 1.5 months.
Living in a big city is my favorite part of Japan so far.
Canadian cities are much more spaced out and aren`t as easy to get around in.
The trains here are amazing! At home it`s almost impossible to get around without a car.
I enjoy skiing and mountain hiking. I like these sports because they always demand that you push yourself to your limit and beyond. As you get better, you can also return to the easier areas and feel a sense of accomplishment.
I am also very adventurous when it comes to food, I love trying new foods from other cultures.
As a teacher, I enjoy seeing a student`s confidence and vocabulary growing over a period of time.
I hope you enjoyed reading this short biography about me, and if you have any questions or would like to say "Hello!", please don't hesitate to come to English Garden!

カナダは広く、移動などが大変です。電車もすごいですね!車を使わずに生活できるなんて!! 好きなスポーツはスキーと山登り。自分でどんどん限界に挑戦でき、時には簡単な所に戻って達成感を味わうこともできるから。

Monika  (モニカ)

My name is Monika and I am from Adelaide, Australia I come to Japan about 10 months ago to experience the Japanese culture and lifestyle.
I like the people here, they are very patient.
I also think the language is interesting and the culture is unique. I am also interested in Japanese history!
As a teacher I like when I see people learn new things because of me, I find it very rewarding! It gives me a lot of energy.
I think that the most important quality in a teacher is patience. You should never give up and you always should encourage your students. Don`t forget to smile!
My hobby is watching Japanese drama and listening to Japanese music. I love Arashi!!!
I came to Japan with a dream to see Arashi in concert. My dream came true!!!
So please come to English Garden and make your dreams come true!


Zack  (ザック)

I am Zack and I came from Canada 5 years ago.
What I like best about Japan are the gentle people, healthy food, the old culture and the well ordered society.
I like Horology, jogging, films, music and gardening.
As a teacher I like interacting with people and helping them to grow in different ways.
I believe that the most important qualities in a teacher are patience, thoroughness organization, and knowledge.
I enjoy being a teacher and teaching Japanese students!


Valeria  (ヴァレリア)

Hello everybody!
My name is Valeria, I am from Napoli, Italy and I have been in Japan for 3.5 years.
I enjoy everything about Japan, from food to anime and movies.
I love Japanese people, especially those from Osaka because they`re being bright, nice and funny!
But my main interest is Japanese literature. My favorite Japanese writer is Murakami Haruki.
I like reading books and traveling for sightseeing and going to hot springs. I have traveled throughout Japan but I am still missing Okinawa! I have a plan to go there as soon as possible!
I enjoy being able to communicate with a lot of people and it is always a great accomplishment to see the progresses of my students.
I believe an English teacher must be able to make the students learn to speak a foreigner language in the most fun and natural way.
Having the opportunity to experience a culture and live in a country different from mine has been a chance to grow and learn. I would like all our students to have the same experience of travelling and communicating with people from abroad. Speaking English is the key for all this.
So come and join us!


Lauren  (ローレン)

Hi, my name is Lauren. I’m from Houston Texas in the United States.
I like swimming, playing videogames, and reading books. Right now, my favorite book is the Game of Thrones series. My favorite artist is Arashi. My favorite food is chocolate. In Japan, I’ve lived in Wakayama and Hyogo. Also, I lived in Tokyo when I was an exchange student. Now I live in Osaka and I love Osaka! I’m always interested in hearing what fun things there are to do around here.
I look forward to meeting you!

私の趣味は水泳、テレビゲーム、そして読書です。今は「Game of Thrones」にはまっています。

John (ジョーン)

My name is John. I arrived in Japan 5 months ago from Nottingham, England
I’ve been to Nagoya, Hokkaido and Tokyo!
I like everything Japanese. My favorite things I’ve done in Japan have been going to karaoke, visiting castles, basking in the natural beauty of Hokkaido and eating lots of butadon.
My hobbies are learning guitar, studying Japanese, cycling and traveling
I feel that one of the most important qualities a teacher can have is the passion to help people. Every day is different. There are always new challenges.
I always love to tell people about the time when I won a pizza eating contest! I had to eat over 4 pizzas. Come to English Garden, and I’ll tell you the rest of the story.



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